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Where in the world is Mr. Mucus

Where in the world is Mr. Mucus

Well he has been in Arkansas, we started our day At McDonald’s in the drive thru, he was tired of waiting and tried to escape and spread his misery.  I caught him just in time. 


Then we went and spent some time, at the DHS office flaunting the many ways he provokes misery.


First he just had to spread his misery to the co-workers. He had fun visiting their office and breakroom to spread the mucus. He would catch them in the hall and spread the misery.

He took a break and went to grab some lunch and spread his misery at pams snack bar 



I tried to tell him stay away from the bosses, did he listen no he didn’t he had to visit the administrative assistant supervisor.


 then of all people he spread his misery to my boss

IMG_0827 then he decided to rest in the window

IMG_0830what happened as you can see he was escorted out by security. 


Well as you can see it was a perfect  time after being escorted out of the office, to go get some Starbucks and relax after his very long stressful hard day



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