July Ipsy bag


ipsey July 001

My July ipsy bag contained as follows
ipsey July 004

Bare Minerals BB Advanced Performance Cream Eye shadow Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Available in a range of 10 seductively neutral shades. ipsy subscribers received one of two shades Divine Wine or Barely Nude. I love eye shadow and this color I really don’t care for I received the Divine Wine, I will however wear it just to branch out some.

ipsey July 002

Benefit They’re Real beyond mascara they’re real! beyond mascara lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts & separates. The jet black, long-wearing formula won’t smudge or dry out. A specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had! I can use all the black mascara I get. I love this and the color and the brush is great.

ipsey July 003

Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass All day color that will kick some SASS! Tints & Sass is the only head turning lip and cheek stain that gives you fail proof color every time! The non-drying formula lasts all day, even after a power lunch and yoga session, and was created to accommodate every second of a gal’s busy schedule. I love this I as suggested put it on under red lipstick and the look is fabulous.

ipsey July 007

Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil SPF 08 Highlight your healthy glow with our organically indulgent dark tanning oil. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants & exotic plan extracts. Tan naturally! I have had skin cancer so I don’t tan at all and will never use this product I gave it to my daughter.

ipsey July 005

Lavilin Jojoba Gel Cream, Jojoba, out of all nature’s compounds, is the most similar to human skin oil. It is known to restore the skin’s natural luster and suppleness, and soften and hydrate dry skin. Lavilin Jojoba Cream calms and softens skin, is excellent after over-exposure to sun, and is suitable for use in intimate areas. I am going to try this on the scar that was left on my face after the surgeon removed my skin cancer and I have to say its not really noticeable I had the best surgeon around Fort smith.

ipsey July 008

We cant forget the bag that this comes in and I have several ipsy bags they all look different they are great to carry in your purse and for your makeup while traveling.

Over all I was satisfied with this ipsy bag the products was worth the $10.00 I spent.

About tabethabeautyreviews

About me well I have recently been pondering what I have on my page is being educated about me who I am. My friends are saying here comes the weird Psychology degree stuff. Well some know my past and some don’t, I have always heard don’t put your mistakes (trash out) for all to see. I have decided if its not out for all to see then how is the younger generation going to learn from the older generations mistakes. First I started running away at 14 to get out of a bad home life was this the smartest thing I have ever done, no what did I learn a many lessons in life , what jobs I wanted and did not want is the biggest one for sure to the guy at the paper tiger lounge in Denver, I am so sorry that I risked your business as a Dum teenage kid. To Kay and Myron Nichols from Aurora thanks for taking in a teenager and getting her out of employment that she had no business in. Thanks Kay for trying to teach that kid that she wasn’t ready in life to be a wife and mother and thanks Myron for eating that no bake jello pie that I messed up so bad on. Second to you young bloggers that read my blog to help me out, I was a teenage high school drop out that got pregnant at 16 to get out of a bad home and ended up jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Remember this no matter what mistakes you have made its never to late to start over. I divorced at age 18 and just kept jumping from one bad marriage to another. It took me till my twenties to get that high school diploma, then I walked into Carl Albert state college and enrolled and with 4 kids and a job I now have an associates from Carl Albert state college in sociology/Psychology and a bachelors in psychology with an emphasis in mental health and I have a master’s of science in psychology from the University of Phoenix. I maintained above at least a 3.27 at all the colleges while raising 4 kids and holding a job down. So it is never too late to change your life. The relationship Mistakes first to the professor at NSU that made it a point to tell me that I didn’t have a big red sign on my back that says if you’re a woman beater come my way that it was because I didn’t stay single long enough that I just kept marrying the same man he just had a different face. Thank you I have remained single now and haven’t dated for 5 years and I know see that you are correct. To Craig the guy that came around since I was 14 until I was 30 I finally grew up to bad that you got tired of waiting I am glad that you finally have your soul mate. Now at 45 am looking at changing my career direction scary but all will work out. Second no friends and co-workers I haven’t went crazy from the stress. I just decided that dealing with the fact that I am getting older and showing it is ok. I still intend to get old gracefully and become that girly, girl. This is about me in all my trash being out there

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